Bursary Information

We are proud to offer our students the opportunity to apply for full or partial bursaries to go towards their NSJWE fee and are able to offer a number of bursaries every year. We understand that finances can be an issue–if you are unable to provide your fees, please apply for the Bursary Program or contact katelyn@nsjwe.ca. No student will be turned away because they can’t afford music.

The Nova Scotia Junior Wind Ensemble is proud to offer bursary opportunities for students who audition for the ensemble. Students must submit their bursary application, and reference letter with their application into the ensemble. All forms must be received by May 31, 2023.

Bursary Policy

  • Application must be typed onto this form.
  • Bursary will be granted to students who demonstrate an active role in their school and community climate, musical and otherwise, and who demonstrate a desire to encourage other musicians they perform with. 
  • Bursaries cover the cost of the program registration, in full or in part, but do not include any funding for travel, uniform or personal expenses related to participation in the ensemble. 
  • Bursaries are awarded based on the information provided within this application form, need, and merit. 
  • Funds are limited, and will be disbursed in accordance with the established policy upon review from the NSJWE board.
  • Your personal information will not be shared outside of the NSJWE organization.