We rehearse two weekends each year, one in November and one in March.

Our November weekend is typically the first weekend of the month as is our March weekend. However, due to scheduling and venue availability these dates sometimes have to change.

These rehearsals include Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday until after the concert which typically ends early afternoon.

During the pandemic we have also offered virtual weekends and additional virtual meetings and sectionals with our conductor or executive. We hope to incorporate the additional virtual opportunities going forward. These will include discussions and sectionals with the conductor during the month leading up to our rehearsal weekend.

We no longer offer the option to billet.

Social Activities

We are happy to be able to provide a social activity each weekend. This helps the students get to know one another in and out of their own instrument sections.

In previous years we have been able to offer dance lessons, yoga, corn maze walks, trivia challenges, photo scavenger hunts, silly Olympics, obstacle races, laser tag, nerf wars, painting, skating and many more activities! This is usually dependent on our location for the weekend.


Typically our March weekend is in the metro area and the November weekend rotates around the province. We have been New Glasgow, Antigonish, Truro, Sydney, Coldbrook, Wolfville etc. We try to reach as many of our students homes as we can.

Repertoire and Conductors

Our repertoire changes each year and each weekend. Typically the November weekend music is at a 1.5-2.5 level and March is 2-3 level. The repertoire is chosen by our conductor each year.

In the past we have had the pleasure of working with conductors from all over the province such as: Paul Hutten, Lucille Humble, Noelle Wadden, Hope Gendron, Joe Cormier, Dave Burtt and Diane Clarke just to name a few.

Typical Weekend Schedule


5:30 pm     Registration at location – Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior as there will not be supervision

6:00 pm     Full Rehearsal 

7:50 pm     Sectional Meeting

8:00 pm Social activity with sections

8:30 pm     Rehearsal over & home with families


8:35 am     Arrive at location 

8:45 am     Student-led sectional warm-ups

9:00 am     Rehearsal

10:30 am  Break

10:45 am  Sectionals with clinicians

12:00 pm  Bagged Lunch (provided by families)

12:30 pm  Rehearsal & NSJWE Board meeting

2:00 pm     Break/ Small group social activity 

2:30 pm Student-led Sectionals

2:45 pm Rehearsal

4:00 pm     Large group social activity

6:00 pm     Pizza dinner provided by NSJWE

6:30 pm Rehearsal

8:00 pm    Home with families


8:35 am     Arrive at location

8:45 am      Student-led sectional warm-ups

9:00 am     Rehearsal  

10:00 am    Break (15 min)

11:00 am    Rehearsal 

12:00 pm Lunch (provided by families)

12:30 pm    Ready for Concert

1:00 pm      Concert begins!

Please allow 30 minutes post performance for your musician to help clean up, move gear and gather their belongings.