COVID-19 Protocols

Covid Protocols
All students will be required to use their bell covers (instrument specific), while playing. Percussionists will be asked to wear their masks at all times and wind musicians will be asked to wear their masks whenever they are not seated in their rehearsal chairs. Students will be given ample time for mask breaks. All musicians, clinicians and volunteers will be required to sanitize upon entry to each new room they enter, and will be held to the 6-ft distancing rule whenever possible during eating, rehearsing and socializing times.
Current restrictions allow for rehearsals of 25 people at a time. We are hopeful that, as the seasons change, so will this; however, if this restriction remains, we will rehearse in two smaller groups to accommodate. Our conductor, Paul Hutten, has done a great job selecting music that can be rehearsed this way or in a larger fashion. 
We will continue encouraging everyone involved to wash and sanitize their hands, not to share food, and we will limit access to rehearsal and social spaces to NSJWE participants only. 
Provided snacks and food will be individually wrapped and/or handed out. 

Group Photo
We will be putting together a group photo over the weekend. This will be different than in previous years as it will involve individual headshots artfully placed together. As we are trying a new format, the group photo will be made available to every musician with a suggested donation of $10. If you would like to request a digital file of your musician’s individual photo, you can purchase the digital print release (PNG format) for $10 after the initial photo has been released.

Families can expect the group photo 2-3 weeks after March 27, 2022.